In Athlete of the Month

elissaOur August Athlete of the Month is Elissa Spina.
Elissa is an amazing CrossFit Insidious athlete. Here is her story:

Crossfit Journey: I started Crossfit in May of 2013 at Firebird Crossfit in Mesa. My friend had been posting her PR videos and I was intrigued. When I started I never thought I would survive those tough WODs like everyone else in the gym. I felt embarrassed. Despite that, I kept at it and soon enough I was hooked. My favorite part of CrossFit was the comradery that people had for each other and the family atmosphere. Everyone would cheer you on and support you even if you were the last one to finish the WOD. As time went on, I began to learn the lifts and which ones were my favorite. It became my personal goal to master the form of the lifts so that I could eventually add more weight. At Firebird Crossfit, I hit many PR’s as time went on that made my confidence grow. I felt so empowered that I was succeeding and getting stronger. My favorite CrossFit moment was when I dead lifted 205#; this was something I had been working towards and was my biggest PR. In December of 2015 I joined Crossfit Insidious. My time spent here has been such a positive one. I have hit many PR’s that I never thought I would reach since attending Crossfit Insidious. Since meeting coach Rochella and taking her classes, I have felt overwhelming support from her. She definitely has that “mom” persona about her which makes me feel comfortable to try and fail new things. I enjoy learning new things and ways to improve my lifts and skills in the gym. All the coaches at Crossfit Insidious help me achieve this. Personally, CrossFit helps me with my anxiety and the overall stress of everyday life. I am a teacher which involves a lot of emotional and mental energy that is spent from day to day. Crossfit is my vice that helps me let out negative energy and gain positive energy. Even the toughest workouts leave me feeling like I accomplished something that day. Some WOD’s leave me in tears because they are so challenging but that feeling is something that is so empowering to overcome. Overall, I will continue to make CrossFit apart of my life. I strive to become stronger each day and to keep up my physical well-being. Crossfit is an amazing journey that I would recommend anyone to try

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