In Athlete of the Month


I started doing Crossfit in October of 2014. It’s been nearly a 2 year journey and I haven’t regretted a single moment of it. I started on a Groupon without the intention of continuing after the first month. I was already lifting, fairly strong, but was a bit more plump and out of shape. I came into the gym, did the Rx workouts everyday, but never made the cutoffs in the first month or so. Despite being slower than everyone else, I had the full support of the gym, the coaches, and everyone I met there. They even let me finish the workouts after the class ended because I couldn’t live with a DNF.

Day after day, I kept working harder, getting stronger, and moving faster. I’ve lost nearly 35 lbs since I started, cut my body fat percentage by in half, and I feel awesome. I love the box I go to and can’t imagine working out anywhere else. Nothing is better than having the support and success of a functioning team. I’m back on track for a lot of personal goals (hiking, backpacking, racing, etc.) and look forward to accomplishing more in my Hylete hat and short shorts.

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